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My Expenditure Monthly. Please Share Forward

My Expenditure Monthly

£100.00 Rent

£40.00 Electric

£40.00 Gas

£10.00 Data

£32.00 Council Tax

This Is Basic Needs Per Month. Notice No Food or Luxuries

I Need Enough Money Monthly . To Keep My Home. Council Tax, A Little Gas and Electric

Enough Gas To Heat My Home 30 Minutes Per Day

Enough Electric To Cook Once Per Day.

I Only Eat Once Per Day.

Notice No Food or Hygiene Products.

I Have Zero Income or Support.

This Is The Real World . Not The Fake Lies and Dreams Being Posted Here and The Sibling Lists.

All This Fake Nonsense Is Killing People and Kids, By Starvation and Freezing.

All Because You People Are Only Interested In Your Latest Scam and Refuse Jobs or To Work. You Are Dreaming Guys, Your Dreams Are Now Killing The World Around You.

Stop Being Sheep and Following and Start Being Leaders. You Are Just Following The Fake Scammers Of The Cliff Edge . LEAD NOT FOLLOw.

You Want To Be Business Owners , Then Act Like Managers.

99% Fail In Sales and Marketing.